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  • Raindrop57

    Sorry about the slack off on the news, but anyway, here is this week's news post:

    • Minor update that makes locked upgrades say "Upgrade Locked" instead of just being crossed out with a red A X. (Edit: Whoops, this was mentioned last news post. No new updates :()

    • Wiki activity was horrible last week, but activity levels are now much better. Thank you all users helping this wiki!
    • The RBE page has been merged with the round page. (I added that to make the news post longer.)

    • In BTD5 iOS, the Covert Pops mission does not have Camo Regen Rainbows on round 33. Instead, it is just... 20 Camo yellows :/
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  • Raindrop57

    Here is this week's worst spammer: news blog:

    • All special agents are pro for a week! Yay! Now go waste all your monkey money on special agents.

    • BTD5D info is now being added to this wiki! Help would be appreciated! U get candy for helping!
    • Just a little thank you for all you contributors expanding this wiki! Keep it up! Or else...
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  • Raindrop57

    Here it is, the first news blog on Bloons TD 5 Wiki!

    Anyway, if you don't already know, these news blogs every Sunday will announce big events in both Bloons TD 5 and the Wiki.

    • A new beginner track called Brick Wall has been released! YES! An easy track to beat!

    • Thanks to SW8573 for the BTD5 trailer!
    • Congrats to the new admin... Oh wait, that would be me.
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