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The Big One
Devastatingly large explosions, and each pops through 5 layer of bloons.
Cost: Easy: $8500 | Medium: $10000 | Hard: $10800

The Big One is the final upgrade on path 1 for the Mortar Tower. It makes the Mortar Tower generate giant explosions that pops 5 layers of bloons, pop black bloons and zebra bloons and have popping power increased to 100. It can pop black and zebra bloons because it uses Bloontonium.


  • The Big One is the only Mortar Tower upgrade that increase its popping power, because Bigger Blast increases the explosion radius but does not increase its popping power.
  • If a The Big One aims in the center of Mount Magma, its explosion covers the entire circular center.
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This is a Mortar Tower with the Big One upgrade. It can now pop Zebra and Black Bloons because it uses Bloontonium