The Technological Terror is an upgrade for the Super Monkey, costing $21250 on Easy, $25000 on Medium and $27000 on Hard.

It is unlocked at Rank 32 and after the player receives enough Tower XP after getting the Temple of the Monkey God. Listed below are the strengths and weaknesses of this tower.


• Can pop MOABs and BFBs that are trying to make you run out of lives.

• Is effective vs Ceramic Bloons (especially the ability,) saving you on tough rounds.

• Shoots green plasma instead of purple plasma. This green plasma pops 5 bloons (6 with Laser Blasts, 7 with Plasma Blasts.)


• Cannot pop Camo Bloons with the ability. Can pop camo bloons but not with the ability if you get:

• 0/2 Monkey Village

• Meerkat Spy or Meerkat Spy Pro

• Super Monkey Lair Tier 3 (initial cost of Super Monkey Lair is 2500 Monkey Money)

After all, this tower helps up until round 105. Then, just get Temples to beat the tough Bloons.

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