Sun God Upgrade Icon
Sun God
It's said that bloons who doth touch the sun shall be cleansed, and there shalt be peace.

Cost: Easy: $14025 | Medium: $16500 | Hard: $17820

The Sun God is the third upgrade on path 1 for the Super Monkey. It shoots 3 sunrays in 3 directions and is better at popping regular bloons then the Robo-Monkey, though not as good for popping M.O.A.B. Class Bloons unfortunately. It has a popping power of 15, and worth more than 3 Plasma Blasts Super Monkeys because it's cheaper.


  • If it is combined with the M.I.B Call to Arms ability, it shoots a solid, costant stream of sunrays that can destroy many B.F.B.s with ease and destroy storms of Ceramic Bloons.
  • A Sun God can destroy an entire Z.O.M.G. if it is placed in the center of Park Path, Space Truckin' or Brick Wall. This makes one of the most powerful towers in the game.
  • The Sun God can't detect camo bloons on it's own. so it needs a 0/2 monkey village near it.