Rainbow Bloon

Rainbow Bloon

More Information

RBE: 37
Child of: Ceramic Bloon
Parent of: 2 Black/White
First appearance: Round 35

The Rainbow bloon is a bloon that is strong and fast, and its children are immune to ice and bombs. The ninth bloon to feature, it takes 47 shots to pop it. Regrow Rainbows are bloons to watch, as if a player is cocky, he/she may easily lose.

Red Bloon - Blue Bloon - Green Bloon - Yellow Bloon - Pink Bloon - Black Bloon - White Bloon - Lead Bloon - Zebra Bloon - Rainbow Bloon - Ceramic Bloon - M.O.A.B. - B.F.B. - Z.O.M.G. - D.D.T

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