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Popping Power is the amount of bloons a tower can hit with a single projectile. It can vary from 1 (0-0 Dart Monkey), to ∞ (Snap Freeze/Ice Shards)

In BTD5 the Monkey Lab offers a Popping Power upgrade up to a total Popping Power increase of 20% for all towers. The way this appears to work is that each tower will have that percentage chance to increase its Popping Power. A 0/0 Dart Monkey will have a 20% chance to pierce 2 bloons instead of 1. A 0/2 Dart Monkey will have a 20% chance to pierce 5 bloons instead of 4.

Below is a list of the popping power of all towers unupgraded:

Bloons Tower Defense 5Edit

Normal towersEdit

Basic Tower Popping Power unupgraded
Dart Monkey 1
Tack Shooter 8
Sniper Monkey 1
Boomerang Thrower 3
Ninja Monkey 2
Bomb Tower 20
Ice Tower 0
Glue Gunner 0
Monkey Buccaneer 5
Monkey Ace 4 per dart, 32 total
Super Monkey 1
Monkey Apprentice 2
Monkey Village 0
Banana Farm No Attack
Mortar Tower 20
Dartling Gun 1
Spike Factory 5

Special AgentsEdit

Does not include Pro version agents.

Special Agent Popping Power
Pontoon No Attack
Portable Lake No Attack
Bloonberry Bush 1 (per thorn)
Super Monkey Storm
Angry Squirrel 1
Meerkat Spy No Attack
Tribal Turtle 5 (coconuts), 2 (spears)
Beekeeper 1
Bloonsday Device Ray: ∞

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