Deflation Mode is a special mode that appears in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe. It is an endurance mode. In Deflation Mode you start out with 50,000 money, but popping bloons won't give you money. Banana Farms are disabled. No income is given at the end of a round. You will not be able to get any additional money during the game, making this mode extra hard. Cash Injection and the Supply Drop upgrade for the Sniper Monkey are all disabled. You will not get money if you sell a tower. Not being able to get any more cash will really cripple players, so this mode is only for people who are good at Bloons Tower Defense 5, or know what they're doing. This also helps put the fine line between the strong and the weak. This mode is not recommended if you don't have high XP on your towers.

Helpful Premium ItemsEdit


  • Use Monkey Villages and Specialty Buildings to have lower prices.
  • Use Sun God, Arctic Wind and Spike Factories to get far in this mode. Also Dartling Gunners can help (especially the Bloon Area Denial System).
  • Technological Terror is bad to use in this mode, because the ability requires a lot of time to recharge, it can't pop Camo Bloons and it is very expensive.


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