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Cash is a currency in BTD. You can buy towers, tower upgrades etc. with it, making it one of the most important things in the game.

Cash is a form of currency in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe, along with Monkey Money and NK Coins. It is used to buy and upgrade towers and thus is the main form of currency. At the beginning of a game, the player starts with 650 cash (1300 with Double Cash), and can gain more. Cash can be gained through popping bloons (the main source), as an end of the round reward, selling towers, using Banana Farms, and lastly through Cash Injections. Without cash, one cannot attempt a game of BTD5, unless they rely on Special Agents or Speciality Buildings. The player's current cash is shown in the top right corner, along with the amount of lives. To the right is a snapshot of the cash/lives window. You earn one cash for 1 pop, but that's not true when you move onto later levels.

How to get cashEdit

There are 4 ways to get cash:

1. Popping bloons. Each bloon popped gives 1 cash. Below there is a list of each reward:

Red Bloon: 1 cash

Blue Bloon: 2 cash

Green Bloon: 3 cash

Yellow Bloon: 4 cash

Pink Bloon: 5 cash

Black/White Bloon: 11 cash

Lead/Zebra Bloon: 23 cash

Rainbow Bloon: 47 cash

Ceramic Bloon: 95 cash

M.O.A.B.: 381 cash

B.F.B.: 1525 cash

Z.O.M.G.: 6101 cash

  • The actual yield depends on the round.
  • With Double Cash you get the double cash.
  • With Monkey Town you get 50% more cash (but only if the bloon is popped by a tower in its range).

2. Winning rounds. $ a=99+n $. You get $ 198+(n*2) $* if using Double Cash.

3. Using towers that can add cash.

  • Banana Farm generates extra cash every round. The bonus is 80 (If all bananas are collected), and it can be increased by upgrades.
  • Supply Drop Ability drops a crate that can contain from 500 to 1500 cash.

4. Using Cash Injection. Each time you use it you earn 10000 cash. n=round