• CD20Boy2014

    Make this wikia active

    September 11, 2016 by CD20Boy2014


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  • R3P3T3R


    March 30, 2014 by R3P3T3R


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  • DungeonDefendersian11

    Yoho this guy is: SuperFlameBombo and SuperWaterBombo

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  • Super Monkey 8

    I cant wait for bloons monkey city to come out. who else?

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  • Ballino


    September 21, 2013 by Ballino

    Who know me ?

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  • Dragonvaledaily123


    June 30, 2013 by Dragonvaledaily123

    Say what you want, this is just for the badge. :P

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  • Sam Wang

    I'm Back!

    June 6, 2013 by Sam Wang

    Photoshop has been successfully installed! I'll be much more active on this wiki since it's installed and holidays has just began :) Are there any images that are in need right now? (although maybe not ones that cannot have a day wasted, but like the ones which have had a red link for quite a while now) If you post them up, then I'll work on them first. If none are posted, I'll just do random ones.

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  • LoverofAllThingsCute


    May 21, 2013 by LoverofAllThingsCute

    Whenever I'm on chat, nobody else is. I'm pretty lonely most of the time. Answer as to why in the comments, please?

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  • Sam Wang

    Decrease of Activity

    March 29, 2013 by Sam Wang

    I am very busy recently, and I won't be able to edit this wiki as much as usual for the three weeks or so. As for images, I will get to those after around a month, and if you think you have a useful image, please don't hesitate to upload it!

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  • Raindrop57

    Sorry about the slack off on the news, but anyway, here is this week's news post:

    • Minor update that makes locked upgrades say "Upgrade Locked" instead of just being crossed out with a red A X. (Edit: Whoops, this was mentioned last news post. No new updates :()

    • Wiki activity was horrible last week, but activity levels are now much better. Thank you all users helping this wiki!
    • The RBE page has been merged with the round page. (I added that to make the news post longer.)

    • In BTD5 iOS, the Covert Pops mission does not have Camo Regen Rainbows on round 33. Instead, it is just... 20 Camo yellows :/
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  • Sam Wang

    Here is this week's news blog.

    • A minor update to Bloons Tower Defense 5: people can see an Upgrade Locked message on the upgrade path that can't be developed further, and some images have been changed.

    • Many thanks to JoePlay for the customized tabber on the Main Page!
    • Content on this wiki is rapidly rolling forward! In the meantime, be sure to check out the newest activity and see if you can help out with anything!
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  • Goldstormbird

    Link to Bloons Wiki?

    February 17, 2013 by Goldstormbird

    Hey guys! I was ummm... lurking... on Bloons Wiki the other day. Then i learned that they'll link to us if we get 75 pages and 20? 30? users (something like that).

    So let's try to create and improve pages. Also, let's invite friends! *cough* forums *cough*     :)

    If we get linked, we'll become a whole lot more popular. More users=more pages=better content= WIN!

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  • Sam Wang

    Here is this weeks news blog, and also my first news blog.

    • Fast Track Mode is out! Now you can jump straight to Round 25 with infinite $5000 cash if you spend only $3000 Monkey Money!
    • All Special Agents are back to normal again :(

    • We have finally reached 50 articles! This wiki can finally be approved by the Community Development Team.
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  • Raindrop57

    Here is this week's worst spammer: news blog:

    • All special agents are pro for a week! Yay! Now go waste all your monkey money on special agents.

    • BTD5D info is now being added to this wiki! Help would be appreciated! U get candy for helping!
    • Just a little thank you for all you contributors expanding this wiki! Keep it up! Or else...
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  • Sam Wang

    Wiki Notice

    February 5, 2013 by Sam Wang

    NOTE: I will possibly be making more edits on images rather than content, and since most people appear to be working on the article pages.

    Anyway, it would be great if we can get this wiki to at least 50 pages as soon as possible, so that the request to the Community Development Team might be approved.

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  • Raindrop57

    Here it is, the first news blog on Bloons TD 5 Wiki!

    Anyway, if you don't already know, these news blogs every Sunday will announce big events in both Bloons TD 5 and the Wiki.

    • A new beginner track called Brick Wall has been released! YES! An easy track to beat!

    • Thanks to SW8573 for the BTD5 trailer!
    • Congrats to the new admin... Oh wait, that would be me.
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